Compare Male Extra Vs VigRX Results – Which Is Better

Compare Male Extra Vs VigRX Results – Which Works Better?

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Is it really a good herbal natural male enlargement product and how long does it take for male extra to work before you start seeing positive results? Is maleextra safe for penial enlargement without side effects?Male self esteem will be greatly affected if he is not able to perform well in bed and satisfy his partner sexually. Natural sex pills for men are gaining a lot of popularity these days because of the increase in the number of men with erection difficulties.

There are so many products in the market that it is really confusing for a consumer to select the right product. You cannot choose between two products without comparing them. Male Extra and VigRX are much talked about products. Compare Male Extra vs VigRX results to find the better choice.

VigRX compared to Male Extra

  1. Male Extra vs VigRX – Working principle

VigRX – How does VigRX work? Vig RX works by increasing blood circulation to the penis and by relaxing the nervous system. Increase in the blood circulation helps in better erection. Relaxing nervous system helps to reduce stress and anxiety that are main culprits for erectile dysfunction and other male sexual problems.

Male Extra – How does Male Extra work? Male Extra works by increasing blood flow and oxygen supply to the penis. This ensures better erection and better sexual energy.

  1. Male Extra compared with VigRX – Clinical trials

Vigrx sampleVigRX – Three clinical tests have been conducted by the manufacturers of VigRX to find the safety of the product and find VigRx side effects.

The first test proved that it increased testosterone level in the blood, penis size, intravenous pressure and sperm density in just 14 days.

The second test proved that long term agreement did not cause any side effects of vital parts like liver, kidneys and heart etc. There was no effect on the testes too.

The third test also showed that there was no pathological effect after using VigRX supplements for men.

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Male Extra – There are no clinical trials conducted to find the safety of Male Extra supplements for men. However, surveys conducted on users showed that the increase of penis size in

3 months – 0.8 inches

4 months – 1.1 inches

5 months – 1.6 inches

6 months – 2.6 inches

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  1. Male Extra and VigRX – Ingredients


  • Horny goat weed – To increase blood flow to penis
  • Semen cuscutae – To increase semen volume and sperm count
  • Ginkgo Biloba – To relax blood vessels and nervous system
  • Saw Palmetto berry – To increase sexual desire
  • Muira Pauma – To increase male sexual virility
  • Panax ginseng – To boost sexual performance

Male Extra

  • Pomegranate – To increase blood flow to penile area
  • L-Arginine – To treat erectile dysfunction
  • MSM – To promote the growth of cells
  • Zinc – To increase testosterone
  • L-Methionine – To increase the duration of erection
  • Cordyceps – To increase the sex drive
  1. Compare Male Extra vs VigRX results

VigRX results

First month – Long lasting erections and increase in the width of penis

Second month – Better muscular appearance

Third month – Rock hard penile erection

Male Extra results

First three months – Growth of penis by 0.8 inches

Fourth month – Growth of penis by 1.1 inches

Fifth month – Growth of penis by 1.6 inches

Sixth month – Growth of penis by 2.6 inches

  1. Male Extra and VigRX safety

VigRX – Does VigRX have negative side effects? Three clinical trials have been made to study the safety and the trials prove the safety.

Male Extra – There are no side effects of Male Extra supplements according to Male Extra reviews and claims made by the producers.

  1. Male Extra and VigRX reliability

Does Male Extra work or is it a scam? Is it reliable? Yes, it does work and it is reliable. Its genuineness is proved by the money back offer.

Does VigRX work really? Yes, it works. The reliability and effectiveness of Vig RX is also proved by money back offer.

  1. Male Extra and VigRX – Where to buy

how much does it costBoth Male Extra and VigRX should be bought online from the manufacturer’s website. They are not sold in physical stores. The other sites may sell counterfeits or they may sell at a higher price. It is better to avoid buying from other websites.

  1. Male Extra and VigRX – Bonuses

Male Extra – Proerection gel tube is offered as a bonus gift for buying three bottles. Two tubes of Proerection gel tubes are offered as bonus gifts for buying four bottles.

VigRX – No bonus gift is given while buying VigRX.

  1. Male Extra price and VigRX price

One bottle of Male Extra is $64.95.

One bottle of VigRX is $59.95

Compare Male Extra vs VigRX results – Which works better?

The comparison shows that both products are effective. The choice depends upon your needs. Analyze your problems, the ingredients and their effects and then make the final choice. Both are worth trying. You will not lose your money because you are provided with guarantee of money refund. Buy now.

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Compare Male Extra vs VigRX results - Does MaleExtra work better than Vig RX natural sex pills for men? Compare VigRX over Male Extra results, side effects, ingredients, real reviews and more before you buy

Compare Male Extra vs VigRX results

Vig RX compared over MaleExtra natural sex pills for men