Phen375 Vs Phentermine Generic Tablets Review – Which Is Better Safer Option?

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Compare Phen375 Vs Phentermine Generic Tablets – Which Is The Better Option?

weightloss motivationCome December, weight loss becomes an important issue because some people want to lose weight before the festive celebrations start and some people want to lose the weight gained because of festive dinners. Which group of dieters do you belong to? Whatever the group be, I am sure you want to lose weight by taking diet pills.

Shall I go for Phentermine generic tablets or shall I go for Phentermine replacements like Phen375, TrimThin X700, Phen700, PhenQ, PhenRx, Phentramin-D, PhenObestin, FenFast 375 etc. Here is a comparison on Phen375 vs Phentermine generic tablets to help you to decide which the better option is and to know the difference between Phentermine and Phen375 weight loss supplements.

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Weight loss Phen375 vs Phentermine generic tablets compared

What is the difference between Phentermine and Phen375? The main differences between Phen375 and prescription Phentermine are:

Prescription and non-prescription

Phen375 is a non prescription pill and Phentermine is a prescription pill. You cannot buy Phentermine without prescription from a licensed physician.


This is the main difference between these two weight loss products.

Phentermine – Phentermine causes a lot of severe side effects. The severe side effects are those effects that do not go away. They include diarrhea, unpleasant or metallic taste in the mouth, constipation, dryness in mouth, vomiting etc.

It causes serious side effects too. When you experience serious Phentermine side effects, you have to call your doctor immediately. The serious Phentermine375 side effects include chest pain, high blood pressure, edema, tremor, shortness of breath, heart palpitations etc.

Side effects Phen375 – On the other hand, Phen375 does not cause any serious and severe side effects. You may experience slight jitters and sleeplessness if you are sensitive to caffeine.


There are no legal restrictions for taking Phen375 natural PHEN equivalent diet pills.

Phentermine pills are restricted by the FDA. It is illegal to take Phentermine without prescription.

Duration of usage

Phentermine can be used only for a few weeks. It should not be used for more than 2 weeks.

How long can you use Phen375 diet pills? Phen375 can be used for as long as you want. There are no time limitations.

Who can take?

Phentermine can be taken only by people whose BMI is above 30 and who are at the risk of diseases like diabetes, heart attacks, strokes and hypertension etc.

Phen375 natural fat loss diet pills can be taken by all adults except pregnant and nursing women.

What are their main INGREDIENTS?

Phentermine – Phentermine hydro chloride is its main ingredient.

Phen375 – Its main ingredients are

  • Calcium carbonate
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • L-Carnitine
  • Citrus Aurantium
  • Cayenne Pepper
  • Longjack Tongkat Ali

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Principle of working

Phentermine is primarily an anorectic. Appetite suppression is its main function.

Phen375 natural fat loss diet pills Phentermine equivalent helps in weight loss by burning fat, by increasing metabolism, by curbing hunger, by blocking fat and by promoting thermogenesis.

Speed of results

speed of results sticking to doctor recommended dosePhentermine – With the help of generic Phentermine tablets you can hope to lose 20 pounds on an average. If you combine it with exercise and diet you can lose even more than that.

Phen375 – The results may not be as fast as Adipex Phentermine generic tablets but you can lose 10-20 pounds if you follow strict dieting and work out regularly.

Where to buy

Phen375 where to buy – You can buy it online from the official Phen375 manufactures website – RDK Global.

Phentermine are prescription pills. Adipex Phentermine sold online is not legal and they may not be genuine too. Taking PHEN tablets without prescription is highly risky and it is not advisable to buy Phentermine online.

Phen375 vs Phentermine generic tablets – What is the final verdict?

Which is a better option?

Do you have a prescription for Phentermine Adipex? If so, go ahead and buy it. Follow your doctor’s instructions. Your doctor knows the best. Ignore every Adipex Phentermine 375 reviews, side effects and warnings you must have read online. Don’t have any second thoughts and don’t violate your doctor’s orders.

Don’t you have a prescription for Phentermine? If so, go ahead and buy Phen375 natural PHEN equivalent diet pills. Don’t buy it illegally. Don’t suffer from Phentermine375 side effects unnecessarily. Phen375 herbal Phentermine weight loss supplements alternative can help you to shed weight successfully.

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Herbal fat loss diet pills Phen375 vs Phentermine generic tablets reviews - Before you buy natural PHEN equivalent diet pills, compare the difference between Phentermine and Phen375 side effects, SAFETY, ingredients, weight loss results and more

Phen375 vs Phentermine

Compare natural PHEN equivalent diet pills review – Know the main difference between Phen375 and Phentermine drug

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